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The Thrill of Online Craps

From a pure gambler’s perspective there are few games that offer more excitement and strategic intrigue than craps. Craps combines everything great and best about online gambling with a fast pace, great odds with a low house edge, multiple betting strategies, and phenomenal excitement that make it the ultimate game for a “gambler’s gambler.”

Pass and don’t pass bets offer among the lowest house edge of any table game wager in online gambling. Betting on hard numbers will give you’re a far greater mathematical disadvantage, however, and is not recommended for a long term strategy to make a profit.

Laying or Taking the odds after the come out roll is a must since the odds are free and that is as good of a deal as you will get from any table game of chance. This is one of the characteristics that set online craps apart from many other games.

The one thing to be very careful about when playing online craps is the extremely fast pace, as the game is even more fast than what you will see at a traditional brick and mortar casino. It is a smart idea to play at free or low limit tables when learning online craps. Even veterans of the Las Vegas craps tables will admit that they needed an adjustment period when they began to gamble online due to the layout and the pace. But in short order they became used to how online craps works and were as successful as they were on the Vegas Strip.

For value and excitement and a real chance to win, nothing can beat online craps.

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