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Online Craps Horn Bet

One of the bets that can be played in online craps is the horn bet. What is exactly is a horn bet and is there value in playing it?

The horn bet is basically just another prop bet that can be made while playing online craps. A horn bet is split between the numbers 2, 3, 11 or 12. It is a bet that is just a one roll bet as it will be paid off following the next roll of the dice. If you wanted to play a dollar on each of the numbers then you would make a four dollar horn bet. If one of the numbers comes up on the next roll then you are a winner. The 2 and the 12 pay 30-1 while the 3 and the 11 pay 15-1.

You can decide to put any amount you want on the horn bet but most people choose the $4 option so they get a $1 on each number or they choose the $5 bet and double up on one number. There is the horn high which means a double up on the number of 11 and the horn low which has a double up on the number of three.

The bad news about the horn bet is that it has a high house advantage. The house edge is more than 12% which means it is not a good wager for the player. It really should only be played for fun or if you just happen to have a very strong feeling about one of those numbers coming up on the next roll.

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