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Crapless Craps

Have you ever tried playing crapless craps at the online casino? It is has been around for a while and although it sounds good, you need to fully understand the odds if you are going to play this variety of craps.

Crapless craps is the same as a normal game of craps except that you don’t lose when you roll, 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll. Instead of those numbers being an automatic loss they become the point. The tradeoff is that when you roll and 11 it is not an automatic win anymore as it also becomes the point.

While it sounds good to never roll a craps the odds actually are worse in crapless craps than they are in a regular game. The house edge jumps up to 5.38% on a Pass Line bet instead of the 1.41% it normally is. And with crapless craps there is no Don’t Pass Line bet. In a normal game of craps the Pass Line bet is the best bet you can make but in crapless craps it is not. The place bets are actually a better value.

While crapless craps may appeal to newer craps players it does not appeal to craps veterans because they understand the house edge is higher. A better game is No Crap Craps where the house edge is still 1.41% on the Pass Line bet and there is no craps but that game can be hard to find.

The bottom line on crapless craps is that it is a game you should probably avoid as playing the normal version of craps is a better value for your money at the online casino.

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