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You Won’t Crap Out With These Strategies

Forget the casino fantasy perpetuated by Hollywood films like Ocean’s Eleven and Casino Royale. While it may be alluring to think playing craps yields better odds to high-rollers in suit and ties, this is not true. Craps can be considered a battle between you and the house. Those who win at online craps are those who develop their knowledge, prowess and strategy. The basic structure of online craps is simple: Place the bet, roll the dice and see if your number comes up. There are two strategies that will help you get the most out of your craps experience and minimize the potential losses you may incur.

The first strategy has to do with placing numbers. You can never tell how good or bad a roll is going to be ahead of time. So many crap players fall into one of two categories, they either leave their bets up and take the initial win over and over or they take their bets down and miss out on a big roll. The term to remember is “press”. When you press your bet, you increase it. A good strategy is to take the winning on your first hit and then press on your next hit. This is followed by a rotation of taking and pressing. Always take the maximum odds on your pass line bets if you can afford it. The wagers you choose ultimately determine whether you win or lose. Also playing smart and managing your bankroll can insure winning instead of losing.

Remember, a good craps strategy can turn a losing craps player into a winning craps player. Before you decide to play online craps with your own money, make sure you have a strategy in mind.

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